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Laser Blade

We are currently working on a new standalone target for Biathlon target practice. The unit compute hit coordinates and communicate this to a smartphone.


Technical data:

  • Display: Smartphone
  • Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Power: USB Rechargable Power Bank
  • Operation: Approx 4 months between recharge, with 4 hrs daily shooting
  • Dimensions: 73 mm x 73 mm x 14 mm

Biathlon Laser Target

We have developed a laser target system for Larsen Biathlon AS. A laser module with laser control electronics is built into the barrel of a Biathlon Rifle. The system is battery powered and allow for several months of shooting before charging via micro USB connector.


Each laser detection unit is comprised if 5 individual targets, detecting when hit by the coded laser pulse fired by the laser rifle. Whenever hit the target change from black to white color.


The laser detection unit can be operated as a stand alone, battery powered, unit or linked together with other units during a Biathlon competition. In the latter mode of operation, each unit will communicate with a PC running a nodejs web server presenting live competition data to the audience.


Dagfinn OpsvikDagfinn

CEO & Founder

Holds an MSc in physics from Department of Plasma and Space Physics, University of Oslo, Norway. Opsvik has 25 years experience within research and development of sensor technologies, measurements, hardware and software development.



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